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Horizontal & Vertical Steam Boilers

DZL series of Steam Boiler

Product features:

1. The latest scientific research achievements which are solved the problem of the water circulation, and then it enhances the reliability of the boiler.

2. Effective measures which are solved the problem of crack of boiler tube and the bulge in the lower of the boiler.

3. The special design of Spirally corrugated tubes achieve higher heat transfer efficiency and easy for maintenance. It can also make the pressure and the temperature increasing higher in a very short time.

4. New design and larger volume furnace enhance burning efficiency and reduce the boiler emissions of pollutants.

5. The wind chamber in the furnace has a good airtightness with flexible adjustment and reasonable distribution of air. It can reduce the excess air but increase the eat efficiency


Hebei gold bangzi boiler co., LTD., a-class boiler production qualification, specializing in the production of heat conduction oil furnace, steam boiler, hot water boiler, waste heat boiler, pressure vessel, steam generator, the desulfurization cans, which won the national patent of bangzi vertical heat conduction oil furnace, steam boiler reached the domestic leading level, over 30% of energy than domestic similar products industry